Enchanting Garden Angel, “Just an eye blink…”

Good Morning Everyone!

I had made three different angel like creatures for my Garden Fairy. I only needed one so this was an extra and she looked best with doily wings. So she became a GARDEN ANGEL! Keep reading if you are interested in knowing how she came to land in my garage.

I wasn’t brave enough to draw the body of my garden fairy right onto my canvas. So I practiced in my mixed media pad first. That is the great thing about practicing in a sketch/paint pad first. If you like what you create, you can always cut it out and decoupage it onto a canvas and use it as a mixed media project.

Here I was laying out all the flowers and butterflies that I had in my stash that blended well with the Angel and her wings. I do not put faces on my angels or fairies.

I had painted three angel/fairy girls trying to match their dresses with the wings I had on hand. This particular angel girl looked best with this heart shaped doily that I coffee stained. I cut the doily in half so her wings would look bigger.

Here I had everything glued down. But It still needed some pizazz. You can tell by this picture that I had used some metallic sheen paint.

The quote I decided to use is a partial quote I have heard from many people. I had just used it that week when my husband was commenting about someone on TV and how they had robbed a bank. Yes, they got away with it and that money would help them in THIS LIFE, but what about their eternal life?

Chaim Potok was known for a similar quote.

There is a key in the bottom right hand corner that is kind of hidden in the flower. I love mixed media, because it can have so many hidden messages and meanings.
Here is the quote before I added glitter.
Here it is AFTER glitter.

Below are some closeup pictures so you can see the glitter better. The overall affect of the glitter is not overwhelming. But it does add so much depth and fairy like qualities.

Flowers and butterflies and glitter and shimmer. These are a few of my favorite things.
I outlined her with gold glitter. The rest of the canvas has twilight glitter.
Don’t put your projects away when you are finished. Display them in with seasonal decor or everyday decor.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means THE WORLD to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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