Revamping a Chifforobe (Wardrobe) and Losing a Loved One

We remodeled our Metal Office Building into my Mom’s Little House. I haven’t blogged specifically about the remodel yet, but I have mentioned this process in some of my other posts. We didn’t want to use precious floor space for a closet… Mom and I went out thrifting to find a chifforobe small enough to fit into her Little House but large enough to accommodate some of her coats, clothes and shoes. We found a really cute, small one at our local “antique shop/flea market”.

Unfortunately I cannot find a singe picture of the BEFORE status. I spent over an hour looking through my phone. But it was ugly white and beat up. What we liked about it was it’s size. We also liked the rounded shape. It fits in so well in her living room/hallway area. And the bookshelves on either side just fit perfectly. She can still have all her favorite knick knacks and pictures which makes her little house feel like home.

Mom painted it the same black as the kitchen island and the trunk that holds her TV. Black and red are her colors!

Losing a loved one is so hard. It has been really hard on my Mom. She battles cancer (and wins), then her husband dies the very next month. Not only did she have to contend with missing him, but her whole life was turned upside down.

This turned out so perfect with the bookshelves next to it.

She could have stayed in her home she shared with him for four years here in Louisiana. They had lost their Texas home in hurricane Harvey’s flood aftermath of 2016. But she decided she didn’t need a home and yard that big. We came up with a plan to remodel her a Little House on our property. A mother-in-law suite. God will open a pathway even when you feel surrounded by briars.

It matches the little kitchen island we made out of a dresser.

Read about how we re-purposed a dresser into a kitchen island here:

Converting a Dresser into a Kitchen Island

I think the remodel and continuing to work on crafts has helped my Mom through these very rough times. She does believe in keeping busy that’s for sure. If you are going through a rough period of time, please try being creative and see if it helps. Take care, God Bless!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!


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