Mason Jar Bouquet, Home Decor

Hi Everyone!

I just finished this whimsical DIY Farmhouse Style painting. I had fun with it. Who doesn’t like Mason Jars? And Spring Flowers? This is not FINE Art….but it is FuN ArT!

If you would like the tracer, supply list and step-by-step instructions just comment below and I can send it to you.

This design was made by Heidi, one of my marketing coaches. She is so talented. I do have permission to use it and share it.

I did a Facebook Live explaining some of the details of how I painted it. The Facebook Live is linked below.

Below is a picture after I “washed in” my first coat of paint. It normally takes 2-3 coats depending on the brand of paint you use or the color of paint you use. Deco Art craft paint is one of the best pigmented paints out there. Of course you can use the thicker paints in the tube that you find in the artists aisles of the craft stores such as Liquidtex. I am trying to use up some of the paint I have had for years. So I have a crazy mixture of brands and types of paints.

All “washed in.”

It is best not to get anxious about what kind of paint, what brand of paint or what exact color of paint. Just go with the colors YOU like and the colors you may have on hand. And you can always mix colors to get the exact color you wish. That’s what is really fun. Mixing colors.

Here I had thought I had finished the background and table. But later I redo the table because when I stood back and breathed, the table looked like water. So you will see in the next pictures how I changed it.

I used a stippling brushstroke technique that I love since I love texture. But it enhanced the water look that I was NOT going for. lol….. I love paint because you can always change it.

I had the light coming in from the left so I shaded the right side. Even though this is FUN art, I still like to follow the rules as much as I can.
I put highlights on the left side.
Here is how I repainted the table. I added some pink so it wouldn’t look like water so much. But I do like to pick up the other colors I use throughout the painting. I think it pleases the eye as it moves and rests on different sections.
I blend many colors. I never want my paintings or crafts to look like simple coloring book pages.
Display for Spring. Hang it up, prop it up or even put a ribbon on it and hang as a door hanger. Seal it for a porch door or leave it for an inside garage door.
Happy upcoming Spring everyone!

If you would like the tracer, supply list and step-by-step instructions just comment below and I can send it to you.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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