Follow the Bunny, He Has Chocolate Porch Leaner

Every Bunny Welcome!

It may be a little early to be doing Easter Bunnies, but why not? Mom wanted to make a bunny porch leaner out of one of the many, many wood pieces we have salvaged from our old wood horse fence.

Keep scrolling to see the whole bunny.

Mom had a pattern in her head. Her main objective was to cut out some ears for it. I think it really turned out cute. I painted a face on it. I have trouble with faces. They are not as easy as they look. Not for me anyway. Either the eyes look too beady or the nose and mouth are crooked. But I finally made him look cute. Whiskers and all.

Here he is with just his face put on. Bow, sign and flowers yet to come.

At this time, I knew I wanted to put a bow around his neck and some flowers at the bottom, and a sign in the middle. I bought the flowers from Dollar Tree and I had the lace burlap was leftover from another project.

I was going to just make a pocket for him to hold his flowers. But when I rolled this laced burlap around, I liked it better this way.
I asked my Facebook Page, which sign they would choose and they chose the —FOLLOW THE BUNNY HE HAS CHOCOLATE.

The screen prints are from Chalk Couture. I am an independent designer with them. These two screen prints come from the transfer called Vintage Truck, Spring Add on.

I painted a sign I bought from Walmart. Actually it was white when I bought it so I waxed it with some brown wax. That helps the chalk transfer not stick as much and helps the chalk to not settle and bleed into the wood’s grooves.

The sign really turned out sharp.
Here were the ribbons I was choosing from. I LOVE spring colors.

I constructed the bunny on a Facebook Live, but I redid my bow afterwards to include tails. There was too much blank space between the bow and the sign. I also used a polka dot ribbon to tie the middle of the bow with. It added just the right touch.

He got a new bow after my Facebook Live.
Here he is in his full glory. Sorry the weather has been so unpleasant for pictures. Everything is so wet and nasty.

Thank you SO SO much for reading my blog. I really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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