Nature Inspired Spring Wreath, Home Decor

I needed a spring wreath to put on my fireplace mantel. I needed it to replace my berry wreath that I converted from Christmas to Valentine’s. I saw a wreath with a bird’s nest and thought I really liked that idea since I love nature.

I had a green wreath, but the bird’s nest didn’t look good on that wreath. So when I went to Walmart for the paint for my Antique Fireplace Surround I bought a grapevine wreath and a few small flowers. I didn’t want large flowers to overpower the bird’s nest. Here’s what it looks like.

I think it turned out perfect! It was just what I was wanting to transition into Spring. Yay for Spring. Come on Spring!

Here are some more pictures of during and after with explanations of how I made it. I also have a show and tell video on my Facebook Page.

I didn’t want the wreath to be a permanent fixture on my tray. (remember my tray that I painted last month?) So I used a burlap type ribbon to hang the wreath from and hot glued it to the back of my tray. I can change out with the seasons or use my tray for what it was meant to be used for. Options….options….

See below for a picture of it on the fireplace mantel. This fireplace of course is not real but it adds a homey touch to the garage as I sit out there and paint and craft. I love it out there with my candles on and listening to music as I create. The mantel and the shelves around it hold all the arts and crafts my Mom and I create.

Here’s a picture of the whole fireplace revamped for Spring. I will add more flowers as spring actually gets here. We just repainted this fireplace surround. I posted about that day before yesterday.

I decorated my fireplace with pieces of decor we used to stage homes with. My husband and I flipped houses once upon a time before the oil and gas industry collapse hurt our market here in South Louisiana. We still have rent houses but we don’t really stage those like we did when we flipped. So all these decor items came in handy when I took down Valentine’s to paint the fireplace. I really didn’t think we would finish the fireplace surround so quickly. But I am glad it is ready for Spring.

I bought the birds nest from Hobby Lobby and the purple sage or heather from Walmart. My wood tray isn’t purple but it seems to pick up the purple hue from the flowers. It looks nice.

Below is the link to the Facebook Live I did showing and telling how I made it.

Thank you all so much for reading about my Spring Wreath. I really appreciate it! Go be creative and make one for yourself. It was easy peasy.

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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