Mixed Media File Folder

Hi Everyone!

Organizing for 2021. If you can organize and beautify at the same time…..Bam, Score!

I was organizing my office and putting titles on some manila file folders. But they looked so plain and my handwriting is not exactly pretty. I leave this sitting on my desk daily. I handle them daily. I don’t put them away, so I thought why not beautify them?

I needed some practice with mixed media, so I decided to use some of my scrapbook paper to collage and decoupage them. I did this one front and back so from all angles it would look good.

Instead of my sketchy handwriting, I decopauged my new vintage truck logo and the larger letters of my old logo. See below. I went through all my scrapbook paper and choose my favorites and TORE the pieces instead of CUTTING. I like that distressed look. I used Mod Podge to adhere to the file folders. My pallet knife came in handy as I spread it like butter on toast. I also used the pallet knife to smooth the top surface of bubbles and creases. The paper I used was very thick. So bubble and creases were not really a problem.

After I had covered all the surfaces I went in with brown paint to distress and age the portions that were white. I distressed the edges that were cut too. The next folders I did I overlapped the pieces so I didn’t have any cut edges. You can do it either way.

Compare the two. I would much rather have the beautified folder on my desk.

Since I had rough feeling, cut edges on the left folding side I put a long strip of scrapbook paper to make a binding like a book. I really like how that looks. I didn’t do it for the other two folders I made since I didn’t have cut edges. I overlapped edges.

I really enjoyed making these folders. I have done two more after this one. I will do more as I find time. It is really nice to sit in my garage workspace, listen to music and/or my favorite Crafting Tutorials and transform these file folders.

Thank you for reading my blog, looking at my pictures and just being here!!

It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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