Holiday Loneliness

Crafts and Art can heal your heart. Being creative can take your mind off your troubles. It can help reduce your stress. It helps you deal with grief. Maybe being creative is not for everyone. I just know that it helped Mom and I this year.

The holidays bring about so much loneliness. For myself, when I was divorced it made me very lonely to go through a holiday by myself. I didn’t have children, but even if I had the children visit their other parent some of the time. That can leave you feeling especially lonely.

I am remarried now and he has children and grandchildren. I really appreciate FAMILY. I also LOVE, LOVE having my Mom live in my backyard.

Normally I am more than okay with being alone. The holiday season can magnify feelings of loneliness because of past memories. I always remember the happy times my family spent in Corpus Christi with my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. My Dad, my Aunt Katie and Uncle Billie are no longer with us and that always makes me sad. I miss them so much.

My Mom feels lonely now without Poppa Joe. She lost her husband this year in August. He had heart problems. She had just overcome cancer herself in July and then Joe had his first stroke. I helped her wrap up and box cookies and other goodies to send out for Christmas gifts. She was sad remembering how Joe usually enjoyed helping her do that every year. So many traditions can’t be continued when you lose a loved one.

The isolation of the pandemic is also causing so much loneliness. Mom started crying when she told my husband and I that she hasn’t even been able to meet or see her second great grandson that was born in May. We haven’t been able to travel out of state. We don’t go too many places since she is still recovering from all her cancer treatments.

If you still have all your loved ones that you normally celebrate Christmas with you are blessed! Please say a thank you to the good Lord. I am so grateful to still have my Mom. We came so close to losing her this year. I am still so sad that we lost my stepdad.

Now, my mother in law is not doing well at all with her Alzheimer’s. His family is having a hard time this Christmas. The year 2020 has taken a toll on everyone. Loneliness, I am sure is everywhere. That’s why I say, doing arts and crafts really has helped Mom and I this year.

I am slowly organizing my craft areas. (I have more than one area, lol) I use the garage when it isn’t too hot or too cold. I also use a spare bedroom AND an outside shed. I hope to start making some more projects after Christmas.

If you feel lonely, please do any of the following:

  1. Join a group on the internet such as Facebook to connect with. There are groups with all kinds of activities and interests.

2. Join a club if you are not shut in and can attend meetings.

3. Read a book.

4. Exercise…..(preferable outdoors). Maybe you can meet a friend who also walks at the same time and location as you.

5. Stay busy (with work or hobbies) (Make a craft or paint with me).

6. Get a pet.

7. Seek help.

I am not an expert, I just wanted to share what has worked for me in the past and what is working for Mom and I in the here and now.

Thank you so much for reading my blog about loneliness.

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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