Snow much Fun

This was SNOW much fun to paint. I began this painting back in November and had to set it aside and work on my Mom’s little house and get her moved in. But I picked it back up this week and I finished it! It made me very happy to finish it and for it to turn out so festive!

Do things that make you smile! Arts and Crafts make me smile! What makes you smile?

I purchased this design and tutorial online from TEXAS ART AND SOUL by Heidi Easley. She has a coaching group that I joined that teaches women how to do paint parties. I hope to someday be able to do that. During this pandemic, maybe I could do it online. Just a future dream. But in the meantime, I am having fun painting. Here is a time lapsed video I posted on Facebook.

I began by painting my background blue. Then I lightly outlined the basics in white chalk. I have a hard time covering up pencil marks so I used chalk. But they say using graphite paper to trace with is perfect. The paint covers that up well. I will try that next time and let you know.

It also came with a matching/coordinating twin picture. It is a snowman in a snow globe. I’ll be painting that next.
It took two coats of white to cover up my background color. In this picture is just one coat of white.

You don’t have to paint the whole background first. You could trace the picture and paint as you would if you were coloring in a coloring book. That is up to you. If I were doing a painting party, that’s how I would teach to do it. I would probably have the picture already traced out for the people in my party. It depends on what they want.

My painting stayed like this for several weeks while I helped my Mom. I love how Heidi teaches to shade and add highlights.
This is a picture I used to post on my personal Facebook and asked if I should put any glitter on it. Everyone overwhelmingly said yes.

If you would like to purchase the tracers for this design, supply list, and step by step instructions so you could paint it for yourself I would be happy to send you a link. For the snowflakes, I used my Chalk Couture Snowflake transfer. But you can use stencils purchased from Essential Stencil too.

I wish you could see the glitter I used.

Thank you so much for reading about my SNOW MUCH FUN!

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