Santa is checking his list……

I finished this yesterday. I had painted the canvas board black about a week ago. Then I waxed it for Chalk Couture Decor.

Time just got away and I can’t believe Christmas is already going to be here in just 9 days!!

I am an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. I have a special Facebook Page devoted to just Chalk Couture. It is called Town and Country Chalk Creations. I made a time lapsed video of the process I did on this picture. Below is the link to watch it. I love time lapsed videos. It is only 1 minute and 21 seconds long. Even though it took me (off and on) about an hour to make this picture. Lol.

Here are some pictures I captured from the time lapsed video. This transfer requires several steps. First you put down all the white, which includes his beard, eyebrows and part of his hat. I also elected to do all the words in white. This chalk paste dries in just about 3 minutes. So it does not take long to put down each section. But I go and wash my transfers between steps. That’s what takes the longest.

Getting ready to put all the white chalk on.
Peel and reveal this first portion.
Next is the red portions.

I didn’t capture any other pictures, but after the red comes his flesh color and then I used gold for the HO, HO, HO and the design on his hat. The snowflakes were last.

I think this transfer is so cute. Next year, I will make a graphic tee shirt with it. I think I will get ahead this next year and do some Christmas in July craft shows. Because I CANNOT believe how fast time flew after Halloween.


I hope you liked seeing a glimpse of how Chalk Couture works. It is screen printing, not stenciling. It makes it really easy in my opinion. Thanks for reading!!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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