Pallet Knife Tiny Tree Painting and it’s Background Story

I love painting with a pallet knife. Probably more than painting with a brush. It gives that blurry, impressionistic look. I love Impressionism so I love this style of painting. This little painting or Mixed Media Project caused me to have to PIVOT and redo the background. Please keep reading to see how it was made. I also have a time lapsed video on Facebook.

——–I bought the rights to paint this from Amanda with Little Bluebird Gallery. Please go check out her website and her Facebook page. I love the way she paints and she is a great teacher.——–

When we studied this style in school I fell in love. I took a painting class at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio where I majored in Business. It was an elective my Senior year. I continued taking continuing education paint classes when I moved back to Victoria, Texas. My professor there had us paint many different styles. I forgot how much I enjoyed the pallet knife painting so I am glad I bought this “little tree” virtual class.

I hand painted red band black buffalo check onto a Canvas Board.

It’s freehand so it’s rough looking but I like it like that. Perfection is NOT necessary.

Then I wanted to practice my little tree on my Media Pad. But I liked my tree so much on my Paper Pad, that I thought I would decoupage it onto my canvas. Sounds good right? Kind of like a multi media project.

I painted this without a tracer, just used my memory.

I tore the paper to give it more of a rustic finish.
I should have left it like this but it just looked unfinished and I wanted the edges to stay down.

Well, I made the mistake of putting Mod Podge on my whole canvas after I put my little tree on. It stayed high gloss and it did not look good. It looked sticky. So I had to PIVOT and rethink the whole background out.

I hated it. But I learned a lot. Maybe that’s the important thing. Gotta get out there and try.

I thought if I put glitter on the background it would look alright. BUT NO. It was still too shiny and sticky looking. So I ended up painting a black background with my pallet knife.

I added snowflakes and then glitter. It worked this time because the black paint had toned down the high gloss finish.

It still looked plain, so I added some glitter. See above without glitter, see below for with the glitter.
The glitter had big chunks of glitter in it. Call Glitterific.
It’s not perfect. But I did the best I could with a bad wound. I may make another one for practice too. “The best laid plans of mouse and men……”

Just fyi….I am NOT a fine artist.

Like Heidi says from Texas Art and Soul, it is FUN ART, not FINE ART.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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