Experimenting with Glitter Paint and Two More Hacks

Today I did a Facebook Live where I experimented with several different glitter paints.

My next experiment was using vinyl floor grout to use on canvas instead of SNOWTEX.

I also experimented with a recipe that will turn craft paint into a thicker medium you can use with a pallet knife.

Please keep reading to see how all these experiments ended. Or you can watch my Facebook Live in the link below.

I tested each of the glitter paints against a blue background and a black background.

Below are the paints I tested.

The first glitter paint that I used was “Glitterrific” by FolkArt. (Berry Neon) These Glitterifics have larger chunks of glitter in them. Picture below.

The second glitter paint was Hologram by FolkArt called Extreme Glitter. It really shows up on the black and gets more holographic as it dries. Picture below.

The third one down on the page is Gold by FolkArt also called Extreme Glitter. Picture below.

The fourth one down is the same as the last two but in Silver. Picture below.

The last one on the page is another “Glitterific” by FolkArt in Silver. Picture below.

Testing different glitter paints.

My next experiment was with grout. I wasn’t able to readily find SnowTex in my area. It was recommended to be used on one of my Snowman Paintings. I’ve never used it. It is rather expensive. Mom and I used this vinyl tile grout which feels like it has sand in it. It probably does. So I thought, why not try it and see if it would work and look like snow. It was LEFTOVER from our remodel of her little house. So essentially it was FREE. I knew I would have to paint over it with white. Mixing it with white paint would not work since the color is so dark. IT WORKED! Keep reading.

Leftover grout from remodeling my Mom’s little house.
Yay! It works! White paint on top really did the trick.

I needed a picture of what the grout looked like BEFORE the white paint. So you can see in the below picture a sample of just the grout by itself. It adds LOTS of TEXTURE. Snowtex is hard to find around here during the Holidays, plus it is expensive. So this is a LOW cost alternative since it was leftovers.

With white paint on top and with no paint on the bottom.

My next experiment was adding cornstarch to regular craft paint to make it full body. I wanted to be able to use this type paint with a pallet knife. I have so, so much craft paint, that I thought it would be nice if I could use it in a multi purpose way.

I hope this helped someone out there. You never know when you might need Glitter Paint, a substitute for SnowTex, or a thickening agent for Craft Paint.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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