Snowmen Signs for the Barn

Hi Everyone!

Our Barn or Shed is boring and I like to decorate my bench I put out there to try to jazz the place up. It has two plant holders on each side and I like to make it look festive with a few easy holiday decorations. Unfortunately this barn is so easily seen from the road and driveway. It always NEEDS something. But….that’s life on a farm….

On the plant holders I like to put signs that stand out from the road. For Summer I used Sunflowers and for Fall I used Pumpkins.

So now for Winter I want to use Snowmen. These could stay up past Christmas. I thought about painting Christmas trees or Poinsettias. But Snowmen won the contest in my mind. Even though these have little ornaments hanging from their arms, I will still leave them up at least through Valentines. I took a little virtual painting class online and Snowmen were the focus. I would like to teach some virtual painting classes online too. Maybe..??

I wanted to start painting again. I know I paint crafts, but I wanted to paint on canvas again. I am not a fine art painter by no stretch of the imagination. But I like whimsical fun paintings. I also like loose, impressionistic type paintings. Especially ones done with pallet knives. I also like to paint with a brush and use dot like brush strokes for the whole picture. I want to practice all the ways I learned to paint way back in another lifetime. Or so it seems.

I made a time-lapsed video of my process. I posted it on Facebook. Here is the link. It is fun to watch painting when it is time-lapsed. It is only 3 minutes long……please take a quick look.

For circles, I always try to find objects I can trace around. So that’s how I began.

These were just some scrap boards I had left from an old project. The reverse sides are painted with Sunflowers for the summer time.

I had to let the white paint dry and then paint another coat of white.

You can see the imperfections in one of the scrap pieces of wood. But that’s okay. No one will really go up close and look at these.

Below I painted some details but I again had to let dry and touch everything up with another coat in some places. These are just simple shapes and anyone could paint this. Try to get your children to create too. I don’t know how much time school really allows them to be creative nowadays. My arts and crafts classes were always my favorite classes. Along with Home Economics.

I added some snowflakes and here they are drying outside.
It’s not fine art…..but it’s FUN art. !!

Have fun on a painting adventure. Try it out.

I will post more final pictures after my husband moves the tires he has in front of my bench. lol. Real Life around here….

Thank you for reading my blog!! AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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