Making Graphic Christmas Tee Shirts

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Last Valentine’s Day season, I searched my town (Lafayette, LA) for a Valentine’s Tee Shirt. I could not find one anywhere. Valentine’s Day kind of gets pushed aside because Mardi Gras usually falls right around the same time.

This led to me wanting to start a tee shirt business or boutique. I decided I didn’t want to invest in all the equipment it takes to properly do tee shirts. I have a friend who does it out of her house. So I ordered some shirts from her and ordered some shirts from AliExpress and started a little online only boutique. I still have my boutique going and offer some jewelry and arts and crafts too.

The tee shirts you see below are just ones I made for myself personally. I have not started to sell any of these commercially. Not sure if I want to go that route since my arts and crafts take up much of my time. Plus I just enjoy the CREATIVITY of it.

I am an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. I made the following tee shirts with their process. I will link my Facebook Page if you want to learn more about this High End DIY Home Decor company.

This was the first shirt I made. I mixed two different transfer designs. It is Naughty, Nice or I tried plus the Trees came from a different transfer.

The next shirt I made was totally an experiment. But it turned out wonderfully! My all time favorite. It is a long sleeved THERMAL shirt which has the waffle weave texture. Since it wasn’t smooth, I was worried the ink would seep through the silk screen type transfer and not be very precise. It turned out perfect. It looks vintage because of the up and down texture. I just LOVE it.

I used two different transfers to get this unique graphic too.

The next shirt I made was Marshmallows and Hot Cocoa. I made it on a black sweatshirt. It is a very LARGE transfer and I used different color inks. I had to take my time. I think it turned out great too. If I have to blow my own horn. But really I am blowing the horn of this great process. It is so easy and it has a great payoff or return.

The next shirt I made was from a white sweatshirt. I purchased all these shirts from Wal-Mart. This shirt took several days because I let each layer dry between inking. You don’t have to wait that a long, it just needs to dry. You can let it sit for an hour or so or use a blow dryer.

The next shirt I made was “The Elf Made Me Do It”. The company is sold out of red ink right now so I had to come up with a color scheme that would look cute without red. See below for what I came up with.

The next shirt I made is my second favorite. It is simplistic. One large snowflake on a black waffle weave thermal shirt. Again it looks vintage. I was going to put snowflakes down the sleeves too, but I decided I loved it as it was.

Please check out my videos where I make them on video LIVE on my Facebook page. Below is a link.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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