Dollar Tree Berry Wreath

Some of these berry wreaths have very high dollar price tags. Here is my version made from Dollar Tree Berry Picks.

I saw this done on the internet and wanted to give it a try myself. I think every wreath a person does is different and unique. I could not make this exact wreath again if I HAD to.

I have to say that I AM NOT an experienced wreath maker. Years and years ago, I made a lot of grapevine wreaths. They were so popular once upon a time. (maybe it was the 80’s?)

I have a fast paced, time lapsed video you can watch on my Facebook Page. Here is the link.

I do think this wreath turned out really cute.

Here are some of the supplies I used to make the wreath. Below are some pictures of the berry picks from Dollar Tree

Three stems of berries are on one Dollar Tree Pick.
Close up picture of the holly berry picks.
Here I was taking the berries off their stems and setting aside the leaves in case I needed to use them.

I used the larger embroidery hoop to make this wreath. I wasn’t sure if I had enough berries to go around the large one. But I did.

I used floral stem wrapping tape, wire cutters, and greenery.
This floral tape sticks as you pull and push it against surfaces.
Here are all my berries cut apart from their picks.
I had these as optional possibilities.

My base for the wreath was an embroidery hoop. First thing I did was wrap the whole hoop with the green floral tape.

Here is a picture half way done.

I used the tape to also tape the stems onto the hoop. Hot glue would have been too lumpy and would not have been attractive. Even though I used it later to add the optional berries and pinecones on.

Close up picture of how I wrapped the floral tape around the hoop and berry stem.

I added the greenery around the hoop and between the berry clusters.

Here is my wreath not quite done. Later I add more optional berries plus pinecones.

It didn’t seem quite finished yet. It needed something. So I added some pinecones and more of the optional berries I had on hand. I think they came from Hobby Lobby.

I added small pinecones
It looks good against my white garage door, but the pictures were a little shadowy.

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