Quick Budget Friendly Gifts from Dollar Stores

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We all know how it feels to need a gift at the last minute. It can be stressful. One you will be proud to give and one someone will be proud and happy to receive. Keep these handy gifts ready and they can be on standby for ANYONE!

I saw this done on Brooke’s Facebook Page called Re-Fabbed. But I have done similar things for years and years. We all probably have. But now we have DOLLAR TREE.

I went early in November and looked at the Christmas Decor at Dollar Tree. I bought several mitten type pot holders to use as a “gift bags”.

Red is always a good and safe place to start. But they had this cute “Deck the Halls” too. I had to get it.
This “Dashing Through the Snow” had a matching cup towel. Who can resist when it’s only one dollar? And who wouldn’t love to receive these. We ALL need these in our house.

Then I bought several “Betty Crocker” cookie mixes that come in a bag at Dollar Tree. By the way the boxed cookie mix does not fit inside the oven mitts. I tried. lol.

I also bought several small Christmas or Christmas colored kitchen utensils.

These were also so cute. I think I bought one or two at Dollar General. Still just one dollar each!

Well you are probably adding two plus two and getting what the quick gifts are. It’s obvious that you can quickly put these together and make great gifts. But if you embellish them in really cute ways they will stand out from the ordinary. Here are some of my ideas.

I made a criss cross bow to put on these smaller gifts. Just criss cross a few dovetailed ribbons and tie in the middle.
I attached the ribbon to the oven mitt’s hanger. I put a chocolate chip mix in this one. Yummy!

You can stuff the finger portions of the oven mitts with tissue paper and/or plastic bags. I had to in order to take pictures. But as you give the gift the goodies will go down and hide and the oven mitt serves as a gift bag itself.

Another criss cross ribbon tied in the middle to coordinate with the colors of the oven mitt and utensils.
Here is the traditional red oven mitt with the Fudge Brownie Mix.
Some of the Dollar Tree oven mitts had matching cup towels. This one did so that is just an extra bonus gift along with the sugar cookie mix. I didn’t put it inside for the picture’s sake, but I would roll it up and put inside before giving it away.
Isn’t this mug cheerful!! I have an extra oven mitt and I would put this inside of it covered with tissue paper.

These are great gifts for the often forgotten people on our list. The mail man or woman, our nail technicians, our neighbors, our secret santa, our bosses or co-workers, etc….It’s just that little extra to go on top of a bigger gift or to be a gift all on it’s own.

I most often (with the help of my Mom) give handmade goodies away as gifts along with cup towels, pot holders, coffee mugs, etc. But now with COVID 19 we might be only giving to those we see everyday.

I do want to post some of my favorite recipes I have collected over the years. I was a Home Economics Teacher now called Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher for about eight years. We tested many recipes and there are some very tried and true ones I would like to share. Maybe in a blog coming up.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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