What can YOU make from Dollar Tree Arrows?

Want to guess what we made from Dollar Tree arrows? Before I retired, I was a Realtor. So naturally I see possible HOUSES in these little arrows.

Below is a picture after we took the twine hanger off. I bought four of these to do something with. I just wasn’t sure how to arrange them to look like a village.

I placed them how I wanted to glue them together and my Mom sawed the bottoms to all be level. I decided to paint each one a different color and I choose a neutral pallet. I did not want this to be only holiday decor. I wanted more everyday Farmhouse Decor.

Here I am putting them together after my Mom trimmed them.

I knew I wanted shades of gray and shades of tan. This project sat around and wasn’t worked on while we did Christmas Decor. So it took me awhile to come up with something cute. I decided it needed a background. I searched my stash and found the perfect size canvas to use. I did not paint it.

I am an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. I have a House Pattern Transfer. So I used it for the “Home Sweet Home” and the little windows and hearts. I used a wooden “Family” from Hobby Lobby since it fit so perfectly.

Home Sweet Home from Chalk Couture Transfer

Below is a picture of the crossover bow I made from gray and tan and brown ribbons.

The neutral colors match my home decor and hopefully many others’ decor too. I may try to sell it or I may keep it. It is really cute.

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