Dollar Store Tree Now One of a Kind

Here is a wood cutout of a Christmas tree we bought at Dollar Tree. I was going to make tee shirts with it. I was going to place it on a tee shirt and spray bleach around it. But we turned them into cute stand up shelf sitters instead. (I did the other one in buffalo plaid)

I think I do want to try those tee shirts though. I’ll show you if I do. LOL.

Before I go into explaining this precious little tree, I want to tell you, I have decided to take pictures that make me happy. At all crazy angles. I was trying to get my pictures perfectly straight and perfectly brightened and perfectly saturated and perfectly sharpened so much so that I was no longer having any fun. Below you will see some crazy angles. Sorry, scroll past if they make you dizzy. 🙂

Picture captured on my patio cushions. Blends right in.

Guess what? We had leftover Grinch Green Paint from the Elf Stockings. So I used it for my little Dollar Tree Christmas Tree. I had snowflakes that I wanted to use as ornaments. And I had black buttons that I wanted to use as ornaments. So then I only had to find ribbon for garland that would look good with both.

I think these four made a perfectly cute ONE OF A KIND Tree.

  1. Grinch Green Paint
  2. White Snowflakes
  3. Black Buttons
  4. Black and White Polka Dot Gross Grain Ribbon
Up close and personal.
This picture is the best color picture. I just LOVE that black and white ribbon with the Christmas Trees on it.

We put a 2×4 on the back to make it sit up and be a shelf sitter. We painted the 2×4 and the whole back of the tree BLACK.

Crazy Angle…..

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