The (Elf) Stockings Were Hung…..With Bells on the Toes

These ARE NOT your typical, traditional stockings. But look how stinking cute they are. Grinch Green Elf Stockings with more of our whimsical polka dots.

We seem to be making a lot of whimsical projects lately. I guess this year has made us want to create things that bring a smile to our faces and joy to the heart.

Below is a picture of Mom painting the grinch green. I mixed a medium green paint, yellow paint and white paint to get this color.

Mom is working on the green color on the stockings.
Mom put a piece of a wood shim on the back as a way to hold the ribbon hanger

Below, I made the crossover type bow with many FUN ribbons.

The picture below really highlights the bells on the toes. We were going to put large cotton balls or something else on the toes. But I think the bells are perfect especially for a door hanger.

We were going to make two separate stockings, but decided to put them together and make more of a statement piece. They looked more fun together.

I hope we inspire you to get crafting. It is great therapy and these type projects are plain fun!

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