Buffalo Bottom Pumpkin, Reverses to Snowman

Buffalo Plaid….is it here to stay?

Here are my finished products. I loved mine so much but I sold it. I needed another one. So I made two more. Will I sell them? I am not sure……I hope so….

Keep reading about how we made them and more pictures of the process.

Below is a picture of the “twins”. Lol.

Below is a picture of the raw wood Mom cut. She made 2 pumpkin/snowmen and 2 bells.

Below is a picture of her painting it white. We could not find white paint when the pandemic hit. So I want to Lowes and bought Valspar Storm Coat Exterior Paint. It works great.

Below is a picture of me using my Chalk Couture Large Buffalo Print Transfer. I am an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. It was the first time I used it and it is not perfect but my buffalo print does not need to be perfect. I did mess up on the outer edge, but I washed that portion off and replaced it. That’s the great thing about Chalking.

Below is a picture of me doing the buffalo plaid the painted on way. The stripes go on first. So this is how I make my vertical stripes. I use painters tape and use small pieces of it to space it out. I find the center first and then go out from there. I usually do more than one project at a time. I kind of make an assembly line so to speak.

Below I am painting my Light Gray stripes on. I use two shades of Gray. You can just use the same color gray to do both vertical and horizontal stripes. I have a separate detailed post on how I do this. See my library of posts.

Here is the light gray up close.

Here are the two stacked pumpkins done. You can see the difference between the buffalo prints. I like them both. The chalking is much easier and quicker.

The below picture is where I added the lowlights and highlights and details.

It was nearly Thanksgiving when I finished these stacked pumpkins. Life gets interrupted. So I decided to put Snowmen on the back sides and make them reversible. I had to hide the stems of the pumpkins, so we decided to put hats on them. REAL HATS. Santa Hat on one and Beanie on the other. I used my own scarves/mufflers on them.

Here is the black scarf and hat Snowman.
Here is the backside of the Snowman.
Here is the Red Santa Hat and Scarf Snowman.
Here is the backside of the Red Snowman.

I hope you enjoyed the journey of our Stacked Pumpkins to Reversible Snowmen.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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