Approved by Santa

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this reading finds you doing well. And I hope this post cheers you up. This Santa is very cheerful.

This picture made in PicMonkey is a little blurry. I will post the original right below.
Less Blurry

I made this with a Chalk Couture Transfer. I am an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. I was worried about this transfer because it is so detailed with his whiskers and the holly and berries. But I think it turned out great. Especially the red against the white with some green accents.

I transferred this onto a wood surface. I painted the wood white and sanded it before, between coats, and afterwards. I then waxed it with Valspar Sealing Wax. This prevents the background paint from coming up with the transfer when you are finished.

A picture of my Valspar Clear Sealing Wax.

After it dried I began my chalking. I began by chalking the title SANTA in red. I put a fuzzing cloth or in my case just a fuzzy type of placemat between the wood and the rest of the transfer. I didn’t want my chalk to dry too soon. The mentors recommend doing this if you have a large or detailed transfer.

I worked on the red holly berries and then worked on the green “approved”.

I let each color or section dry before I replaced the transfer and worked on the Santa itself. The last thing I did was the holly berries and leaves on the cuff of his hat. Since it was in the middle I let everything around it dry first.

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Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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