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I think books make great gifts. Think about buying a book for your special loved one, your children or the children in your life, your best friend, your parents, or that name you drew out of the hat from work.

I wish I had more time to read. I guess we all read, it’s just on the internet now. We read Facebook posts, Blog posts, Instagram posts, etc. That’s where much of our time goes. But there is nothing like reading a good book. It transports you into another time period.

Below are some really good books I have found over the years. It is a variety list. Some are business books that would really be nice to have in your library. Other books I selected explain a condition I have called Trigeminal Neuralgia. Please pass on the names of these books if you know of anyone with this condition. I also included my favorite recipe books and children’s books. And then there’s the best book of all….THE BIBLE.

I hope you enjoy my list and my little journal explaining each one. These are affiliate links to Amazon. Feel free to use them, they are here for your convenience. But really I am just here to give you ideas.

BOOK ONE: Gooseberry Patch Christmas, Book 3

Any Gooseberry Patch Book is my favorite recipe book and favorite gift guide and arts and crafts book all rolled into one.

Any Gooseberry Patch Book is a great recipe book and great gift guide and arts and crafts book all rolled into one. The pictures are wonderful!

Did you like reading Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys when you were young? Then you would definitely like reading books by this author: Rhys Bowen.


This is the first book in the series called The Royal Spyness Series. This series takes place around the 1930’s when the importance of the upper class (as known at the time) is slowly going away. If you like the TV series “Downton Abbey” you would probably like this series of books.

Excerpt from HOW TO READ ME, A Reading Guide to Comics and Books.

Written by British author Rhys Bowen, Her Royal Spyness is a humorous historical series about the penniless cousin of King George V of England in 1932 who is acting as a spy for the queen.

Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie, daughter to the Duke of Atholt and Rannoch, is flat broke. And when her brother cuts off her allowance, she leaves Scotland for London where she has been summoned by the Queen to spy on her playboy son. Soon, this amateur sleuth starts to solve crimes.

BOOK THREE: Murphy’s Law

Excerpt from:

Rhys Bowen, author of the much-loved Constable Evans mysteries, takes on the vibrant world of turn-of-the-century Ellis Island and New York in her newest series. With delightful humour and meticulous research Bowen transports readers to the gritty underworld that swallowed new immigrants who dreamed of a better life, and gives us the unforgettable heroine Molly Murphy, a resourceful Irish woman who lives by her own set of laws…..

BOOK FOUR: Evan’s Above is the first book in the series but I cannot find it on Amazon. So here is the second book.

This series takes place in Welsh. I learned a lot about the culture in this community. I like learning about different areas of the world.

Excerpt from Amazon:

Evan Evans is settling into his role as Constable of Llanfair, a small town nestled in the mountains of North Wales. Here, he has been a mediator of the minor disputes of the locals, between competing ministers, country merchants, and seemingly every Welch eccentric throughout the region. But an unusual series of events brings unseen hostilities to light, and Evan realizes just how deep the townsfolk’s passions and hostilities lie.

BOOK FIVE: On My Last Nerve

I have a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is also called the Suicide Disease. The book below was written by a Facebook Friend of mine who also has it and lives in the same town as I do. It is a very helpful book for anyone who has this terrible condition. It gives you HOPE. If you know of anyone who has this disease or anyone who takes care of someone with this disease, please let them know about the three books below.

On My Last Nerve: My Trigeminal Neuralgia and Triumphant Survival through God’s Glory

BOOK SIX: What Time Tuesday?

This is another book that gives people hope by using a chiropractor. I will have to write about my story on my blog someday. I too go to a chiropractor. This story below is very thought provoking. It will give you insight into why the condition is called the “Suicide Disease”.

What Time Tuesday?James Tomasi$3.75

BOOK SEVEN: Striking Back!

This is a MUST HAVE BOOK for anyone who has this condition or anyone who takes care of and loves someone with this condition. It is written by doctors who also have the disease. They have researched everything and put it down in this book. WONDERFUL BOOK!

BOOK EIGHT: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Reading this book will teach you how to look at money differently. Just reading it will not make you rich but it will give you ideas how to make money work FOR YOU instead of the other way around.

BOOK NINE: The Book on Managing Rental Properties

I keep this book on my desk at work. We have rental properties and Heather and Brandon cover everything you need to know. It is a great reference book.

BOOK TEN: Magic Tree House, Books 21-24

I tutored my grandchildren summer before last on reading. We read several of the Magic Tree House books. I love that it teaches about History as well as helps them learn to read. We read these around the Fourth of July so they would better understand the reason behind the holiday.

Book Eleven: Never Be Nervous Again

Once upon a time I had a job where I had to be speak in front of groups of people everyday. I was a VERY shy child and going to college and working in retail helped me overcome that. But I never thought I would enjoy speaking in front of people. I was a trainer and then later I became a high school teacher. This book will help you if you are doing Facebook Lives or doing presentations at work or being an actor/actress in a community play. There are many tips and tricks of the trade. Dorothy Sarnoff shares a GREAT tip from the actor Yule Brenner where he learned to physically control his jitters. This is the best book I found for learning to control nerves.


I couldn’t do a list of books without including the best book of all time. I am a child of God and getting someone a Bible is the most precious gift of all. I like the King James Version since I feel the more we translate or transliterate the Bible the more it can be diluted. That’s just my opinion. Not looking for a debate. Any Bible that gets a person to open it up and receive the Lord’s word is ALRIGHT in my eyes!!

I received my first Bible when I was still very young. It was a Christmas gift. I thought my Mom had forgotten to put a bow on one of my presents. I remember trying to put a bow on it. The old kind of bow that would puncture a cardboard box. That is how it stayed on instead of tape. I kept trying and trying to puncture the cardboard. My Mom told me she thought I might be hurting my present. Sure enough when I opened it, I could see where those impressions were made on my Bible. It came in a box but a very thin box. Even with those puncture wounds I still loved that little white bible that had my name on it.

I still have and use that Bible!! I am just now switching over to a LARGE print version. If I had better eyesight I would still use my little white bible with my name on it.

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite books. Think about getting someone on your Christmas list a book this year. Maybe not these particular books, but maybe these books gave you ideas.

I would love to volunteer to teach adults how to read. Maybe that in itself could be your gift too.

The gift of literacy is the ultimate gift !!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

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