Vintage Truck Wreath


We wanted to branch out and do more than items just made out of wood. So I bought some ready made Christmas greenery wreaths and I bought some forms to make wreaths.

A wreaths’ circular shape is said to symbolize eternal life and the unending love of God. Well that is enough to make me want to make more. 🙂

This particular wreath is made with a vintage truck in the middle. Who doesn’t like vintage trucks?

Mom wrapped a hard green foam wreath form with Red Buffalo Plaid ribbon. She backed the foam form with a scrap piece of lumber (Lauan) we had and painted it black.

We made a cute bow out of some of the same ribbon plus more cute ribbon. Mom added three jingle bells. Now when the door opens it will jingle and remind the owner that Christmas is coming!

This is a smaller wreath that could go anywhere outside or inside your house. The picture below will show the size better because it is on a door.

We are working on several more wreaths but I need to get busy and make some bows for them.

I am behind on making crafts because we have begun to work on my Mom’s little Mother-In-Law Suite. It is coming along fine. It was our metal office building for our trucking company. We have moved it on our property and it is behind our house, behind our barn, next to our ponds. I will love having her live here right next to me.

So when I looked up info about wreaths for this blog post I loved that they symbolize eternal life. With the loss of my stepfather it is comforting that we will see him again in heaven.

I found a lot of info about wreaths on this website:

I know many people get lonely and depressed during the holidays. Being creative and making things really helps. It has helped my Mom and me go through this very trying year.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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