Christmas Gift Ideas for the DIY Crafter

Are a few of your favorite people on your gift list…..DIY Arts and Crafters? Well it is SO SO easy to buy for them. They like all things crafty!!!

More and more of us are not traveling as much as we used to. Some of us like to limit our time away from home due to Covid 19. Shopping Amazon is easy and it ships fast. Why not let your fingers do your walking? Stay at Home is the new NORM.

I found when all the stores shut down that Amazon had product when the stores could not get any.


Here are a few gifts I would have loved to receive as a crafter.

#1. Bowdabra

I love my Bowdabra. It is not necessary to make bows but it does make my life easier.

#2. Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

Because you can never have enough Buffalo Plaid. This ribbon was impossible to find when the pandemic hit. The stores around here did not have any for a long time. So I had to order from Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon! And I am still using this roll. Below are links for 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch.

#3. Cordless Glue Gun

I like this one because of the charging dock. You don’t have to be careful and lay it down on a safe surface.

If I use a corded glue gun I like the ones that use the mini glue sticks. I find the larger ones tend to put out too much glue for my taste. But it is probably my heavy trigger finger. Stay safe with these things!! Don’t be like me and touch the glue before it cools.

#4. Natural Wood Slices

These wood slices can be used in so many different ways. These are pre-drilled which is so convenient for making ornaments, etc. I plan to paint some white and some black and use my chalk paste to transfer designs on.

#5. Wood Circles

These come in handy for my chalking creations too.

#6. Chalkboard Paint

Every chalking crafter needs Chalkboard paint.

#7. Chalkboard Tags

These also come in handy for chalking surfaces.

They are great to use to tag Christmas Gifts with.

#8. Sharpie Oil Based Markers

Many crafts can be embellished with these marking pens. It’s hard to paint a precise line. Use a pen instead!

#9. Assorted Foam Brushes

You can buy these anywhere, but why not let your fingers do your shopping instead?

#10. Acrylic Paint

This is a great set to buy for a Christmas present. It has many great colors.

#11. Storage Totes

I use these totes FOR EVERYTHING! When we go to flea markets and back and forth to our market booth I use these to carry everything in. Larger totes get too heavy for me to carry. I do use some larger totes but having these really helps my back from getting injured. I also use these to store my holiday ribbons, holiday decor, stencils and transfers, scrapbook paper, etc. I don’t keep them under my bed but I do keep them stacked and labeled in my garage closet. They are so, so convenient.

#12. Tool Kit —in Pink of course

I have one similar to this one and I keep it in my Tahoe. We have rent houses and we put up curtains and blinds in them. So I have just got in the habit of leaving this in my vehicle which is everywhere I am and I use it on the road and at home. Because each tool is pink, it is easy to see that it belongs to ME and NOT my husband. LOL.

#13. Canvas Boards.

I use these for many things. Most of all paintings. But these are also good for decoupage and my Chalk Couture Designs. 5×7’s, 8×10’s, 9×12’s, 11×14’s, 16×20’s are the best sizes to have on hand.

#14. Plastic Condiment Cups

I also use these plastic containers to make art kits with. The lids snap on good and they hold a good amount of paint.

#15. Pallet Knife Set

I also like to paint with pallet knives. Here is a really good set of sizes to begin with.

16. Stretched Canvas

I like an assortment of these sizes until you get a feel for which ones you like to paint on the most.

Well, that’s it for my Christmas Gift Idea List for the DIY Crafter. (for this year) Hope your holidays are great and you have all your loved ones with you!! God Bless and Take Care of Yourself!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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