Fall Letters With Chalk Paste Overlay plus Cancer Notes

Hi Everyone!

This blog kinda serves as a diary for me and my Mom. It will help us remember next year what we made and what sold well. This is our first year doing crafts on this large of a scale. Years ago we made crafts for friends and family and tried our luck with flea markets and small town-square markets. Now everyone is buying online so we hope to do better with our little business. Crafting keeps stress at bay and creating cute, unique items brings joy to the heart.

Here is a Fall Decor item that we finished lately. It needed some pizazz so I added some shimmer gold chalk paste in a leaf design. Email or message me if you would like to buy the paste or transfer from me. I am an Independent Chalk Couture Designer and sell these products. They are very easy to use. Keep reading for more instructions and more pictures.

Mom painted the letters front and back and sides with acrylic paint we had on hand. Brown, Orange, Sage Green and Nutmeg. Then we sanded all the sides because this is just pressed wood.

At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to chalk with Black or Shimmer Gold. I am glad I chose the gold. Below is a picture of me chalking with the gold.

Below is the letter “L” up close.

Here are the letters up against my painting. Can you tell I love leaves? I have another painting of leaves in my office. Nature is so beautiful to me.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for reading my blog. I hope to get better at doing my posts as time goes by. Comment below if you want to see anything different or if you have any questions whatsoever. I love talking to people who love to craft.

I took up crafting again around February. My Mom was diagnosed with throat cancer. She had a very large tumor growing on her left side in her throat. We were so scared. She noticed the tumor after Thanksgiving last year. It just kept growing so fast. She said to wait until after the holidays, so the first week in January we started looking for a doctor who would accept her as a new patient. That is why I HAD TO DO SOMETHING to take my mind off the possibility of losing her. Long story short, she made it through all her chemo and radiation and got a “clean bill of health” around July of this year. As clean as you can get after having all that done. Her PET SCAN came back clear.

On the day before her birthday in August, my stepfather passed away from a known heart condition. This happened two weeks before he was supposed to have surgery. This year has been heartbreaking. Now you know why I turned back to doing crafts and my Mom has joined in. She said if it wasn’t for doing these crafts she would be in the crazy house.


I wanted to share my story, thanks for reading!

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