Decorating a Tiered Tray

Hi Everyone! Here is how I decorated my tiered tray. I found my tray on sale at Hobby Lobby. I was going to make one but I decided this one was inexpensive and conveniently made already. I also liked the color it was, black. I am in love with Farmhouse, black and white, buffalo plaid, etc.

I used my Chalk Couture products to imprint all the small farmhouse knick knacks/tchotchkes. You can see how I did this on my Chalk Couture Facebook Page, Town and Country Chalk Creations.

Facebook: TownandCountryChalkCreations

Below is a link to my LIVE Facebook video showing you how I chalked some of the items.

Tiered Trays are so much fun because almost everything is miniature. I bought miniature buffalo plaid and white pumpkins to fill in between all the farmhouse milkjugs, lanterns and chalkboards. At Christmas I will replace these with ornaments.

My Mom made the wood garland by painting and alternating black and white beads. I draped the garland from the middle tier to the bottom tier.

I advertised Chalk Couture with my chalkboard at the bottom. Keep reading and looking at my pictures for more details.

My three tiered tray.

Below is a picture of the small milk can that I chalked with the saying MILK and CREAM. It turned out so sharp and precise. I love it.

Milk Can

Below is a picture of the coffee mug that I chalked with Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed. Again very sharp and precise.

Coffee Mug

Below is the little chalkboard easel I chalked with FRESH EGGS. This product is just made for smooth chalkboard surfaces. Ignore my fingerprint. LOL.

Little Easel

Below are three cuties. Milk Jug and Lanterns. It was a little difficult to chalk on the small round surfaces of the Lanterns. I smeared the first try. But I washed off the smeared portion and laid the transfer back on right where it needed to be and redone the paste. Voila it worked.

Milk Jug and Lanterns
I brought the tray out to the patio for my picture but will keep it in my craft room/boutique/office.

If you don’t have a tiered tray, you should try it. This was fun and didn’t cost a lot of money. If you YouTube tiered trays you can find how to make them out of round pizza pans and electric stove covers from the dollar stores. You put glass candle holders between the tiers. Paint any color you want. Black, white, aqua, brown, bronze, etc….Use e6000 glue to hold it all together. My Mom plans to make herself two of them.

I am so happy you read my blog. I really appreciate it!!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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