How to Make My Country Farmhouse Bows

Hi everyone!

For some projects I need bigger bows with tails. Here is a picture of one I made on a Facebook Live Video. I love these Country Farmhouse Rustic Bows.

Below is a link to the video I made. Keep reading for more details too.

I don’t usually make my bows with loops. I go for a rustic or primitive look.

These were being made for my 52 inch WELCOME porch leaner signs. A picture can be seen below.

52 Inch Farmhouse Welcome Sign

I select all the ribbons I want to use. I love ALL my ribbons so this is easy AND this is hard. But I try to select 3-5 that look good together and look good with the project they are going on. Some are thin, some are wide. I try to mix it up.

I almost always use some burlap. I like that Country Farmhouse look.

I use a BOWDABRA…. if…..if…..I am making a bow with tails. Check out this affiliate Amazon link if you want to read more about this craft tool and check out the price. No pressure to buy because you can use clips too as you can see in my Facebook Video.

Above is an affiliate Link to BOWDABRA on Amazon

Before you put any ribbon on the BOWDABRA, you should put your wire or twine or pipe cleaner in the grooves first. The BOWDABRA will come with instructions plus there are many, many YouTube videos on how to do this. But you can also watch my Facebook Video to see how I did mine. I use twine and for this bow I made my twine extra long to tie around my porch leaner. Below is a picture of the Red and White Bow I made on the Live Video.

Red and White and Burlap…..ready for Christmas!

I put my tails on first. One layer of my tails usually always includes a wired burlap ribbon. Let’s face it. Burlap goes with all colors. We work with a lot of wood. Burlap is the color of raw wood. So when you sand some projects and the raw wood shows through, the burlap matches or coordinates with that wood.

My next tail is a layer of the most desired color and/or designed ribbon. The pièce de ré·sis·tance. In most cases, it is the buffalo plaid. This is such a popular print right now.

I dovetail each end of each ribbon if it is wide enough. If short, I angle the ends.

Two layers of tails on each side is really enough. I did more on the Facebook video but they weren’t needed to make an impact for the project.

I then add my burlap. After the burlap, I add the other ribbon keeping the pièce de ré·sis·tance ribbon the focal point.

When you have all the layers you want, pull the twine tight and tie in the back.

Voila, you have a Country Farmhouse bow.

The Vintage Truck Ribbon was the pièce de ré·sis·tance on this bow. I love Vintage Trucks!

There are many, many ways to make a bow. Please don’t think mine is the only way. I have combined several techniques to reach my favorite practice. You will too after you make several. Happy bow making!!

Remember being CREATIVE is THERAPY!!

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So that’s how I make them. I hope you enjoyed and begin to make your own.

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