Whimsical Elf Tree

Elf Tree….that’s what I call it. LOL. Because of that cute topper. This wasn’t my original idea. I saw one similar on Pinterest. It’s another HAPPY Tree.

I made the pattern from freezer paper. Just like the Buffalo Plaid Tree, I made one side the way I liked it and then folded over to trace and make the other side. That way you are sure to get a symmetrical tree.

Mom cut this out with her power tools. She is my hero! We used underlayment board which is best for door hangers. It is thin and easy to work with.

I had to mix my colors to get the GRINCH green. Two parts green and one part yellow. I used the colors below.

Painted Grinch Green

Then came the POLKA DOT fun. See the pictures below on the colors and the sponge pouncer I used.

This is the same red that I used for the Buffalo Plaid Tree.
This is the same pouncer that I used for my Buffalo Plaid Tree.
Just finishing the polka dots and moving on to the trunk.

The trunk of the tree was too small for stripes and I thought smaller polka dots would be too much. So I remembered I had this checkerboard stencil.

And Voila! It turned out really cute!

It is not a real large door hanger, but it is not small either. I think I am going to go back and outline the trunk in black.

I hope I inspire you to become more creative. It really helps with stress and emotional turmoil.



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