Red and White Whimsical Christmas Trees

I debuted these in my Red and White Inspiration Post. But we thought they weren’t quite finished yet. We had to turn them into Plant Stakes because a couple of them just wouldn’t sit up straight. Not all wood is perfect.

I thought I would post the finished product along with some before, during and after pictures! Enjoy! Make some of your own in any color that matches YOUR decor.

Below is how we cut two trees from one cedar fence slat.

Mom fit two on one piece of cedar fence slat.
Making it work….
Painting and priming white.
Painting the red stripes and getting ready for the polka dots.
They look so pretty on a shelf but the fence slats just weren’t sturdy enough to keep them in this style.

We made some candy corn yard stakes which gave me an idea to turn these into yard stakes too.

Hope you enjoyed reading about how we made these sassy little trees.

Crafting is really therapy for my Mom. We lost my step-dad in August and she said she would be going crazy if it wasn’t for the crafts we are working on. I try to get her to rest and relax because she stays so busy. But she has never been one to sit for long. I am so glad we are working on crafts and home decor together.

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