My Patio Makeover Inspiration

I knew I wanted black and white but wasn’t sure what color accent to go with. I was torn between red and yellow. If I had begun sooner, like in the spring, I think I would have gone with yellow. But since I waited so long, I decided to go with red and that would get me all the way through the holidays. Maybe next spring through summer I can find yellow throw pillows and accent with sunflowers.

I am going to try to find where I found these photos and give credit to the awesome people who beautifully decorated their spaces.

  • The photo with the yellow pillows came from Ballard Designs from Pinterest.
  • The photo with the red door is from Instagram, plaids.and.poppies.
  • I could not find where I found the other photos. 🙁

You can find inspiration everywhere. My patio does not look just like these. But the overall feeling is there.

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