Restyled Patio Thermometer

Not your ordinary Thermometer…..

I had always put my outside thermometer on my back patio shelves. The problem was they are round. They don’t stand up properly. The one I had, I had left in the box so I could prop it up. I have never wanted to put up a nail in the siding of my house to hang one up.

So I came up with an idea to glue it to a board that had black and white buffalo print on it.

I wanted it to match my black and white decor I had chosen as my new color scheme.

I hope this gives you inspiration to do something similar if you have a thermometer that you keep on your shelves too. Keep reading for how I made this board that backs it.

Sitting on my Patio Shelf.

I had several sizes of bead board cut for another project I had worked on earlier in the year. So I chose one that my new rather “plain looking” thermometer would fit on. When Hurricane Laura came through our area, my Mom and I worked on painting Buffalo Plaid on several surfaces. This was one of them. I have a blog post describing the process. I will link it here:

How to Paint Stripes and Buffalo Plaid

I have a Facebook Video explaining the steps you take to paint this process. It is linked below.

It was not easy doing the buffalo print on the bead board. I would recommend a flat piece of craft board such as underlayment.

Below are some pictures I took while I was trying to decide what ribbon to put on as a bow. It was just too plain without some sort of embellishment.

Deciding which ribbon would look the best.

I restyled the two birdhouses next to it so that they would coordinate.

Close Up Picture. This was taken on a day we were happy the temps were below 90 degrees.

Here is the total look of the Shelf Makeover. Much neater than it was before.

Below is a collage of before and after.

Sorry the before picture is so blurry.

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