Three Dimensional Super Pumpkin

Hi, my name is Super Pumpkin!!

Learn how I was made by reading below.

Hi Everyone! This three dimensional pumpkin was made with two 2×6’s and two 2×4’s. It is 14 inches high and of course 12 inches wide. The two 2×6’s were put together and then held together with the 2×4’s. One in the front and one in the back. It is very weighty.

It would make a “super doorstop”.

Below are some pictures of the sides and back and top.

Side view.
Back view.
Top view.

Mom made this creation. She wrapped the stem with twine and added a bow with a flower in the center. This pumpkin will last season after season.

Have a great day! Craft for emotional therapy! Stay tuned if you would like more inspiration! Thanks for reading my blog!!

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