Aqua Blue Candle Holders

Maybe you have figured it out. Aqua and/or turquoise are my favorite colors. Turquoise is my birthstone. Maybe that’s why. So naturally, we had to do some chunky candle holders in aqua for the holidays. Do you decorate with blue? Keep reading to learn the DIY “how to.”

We used our trusty old 4×4 just like we did on all our other chunky candle holders and some of our pumpkin sets. My Mom has a saw that cuts them into sets.

Did you know that a Tahoe will fit an 8 foot long 4×4? It comes all the way to my dashboard, but we rocked it. We normally ask Home Depot to cut it down to 6 feet, but their saw was broken that day. We were going to get our supplies that day even if I had to stick it out a window. We were determined.

Below is a picture of how we painted the tall and short one all white. The middle we painted solid aqua. We mixed our colors. I always like a duller aqua so we added gray to our bottle of aqua. Here are the two I mixed together.

I mixed 3 parts Caribbean and 1 part Greenscape.
Primed and ready to go. Here come stripes and polka dots.
We decided on diagonal stripes for this set.
Polka Dots being added.
Ribbon being added. I bought this ribbon at Hobby Lobby.
Who says aqua doesn’t go with Black and White?

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