Chunky the Snowman

“CHUNKY” is made from four 4×4’s of ascending lengths. His hat is made from a 2×6. So as you can imagine he is hefty. Too large to ship to anyone, he must be picked up locally. He is really cute and would make a great door stop. Send me a comment and I can get the measurements for you if you wish to make this as YOUR next project.

Not only a decoration for Christmas, Chunky could be left out to enjoy all WINTER long.

Picture taken at our Market Days Booth.

I repainted his face and forgot to take pictures. Here he is with his new face. He is much more jolly!

Here’s Chunky…..with his old face.

He looks awesome paired with our Cobalt Blue Candle Holders as pictured below.

Together is where they really belong. lol (This had his old face too.)

So feel free to make some of the crafts yourself. Home Depot has the best selection of 4×4’s we have found. We get the untreated so they are not so heavy. (They are still heavy though).


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