How to Paint Stripes and Buffalo Plaid

How to Paint Stripes and Buffalo Plaid

Hi Everyone!

I did a LIVE on Facebook explaining how I paint my stripes and buffalo plaid. 

Here is the link for you to watch that. But I have also written out the steps below.

~~~~~~~~~~~How to paint Buffalo Plaid~~~~~~~

  1. Paint your surface all white. (I spray painted 2 coats with Rustoleum 2x flat white)
  2. Stripe it out using painters tape. Use the tape also as spacers in between.
  3. You will need 2 shades of gray paint and black paint.
  4. A bristle brush allows for a distressed, rustic look.
  5. Start with the lightest gray for your horizontal stripe lines. (I painted just one coat for a distressed look)
  6. When dry, take off your painters tape but keep it to be reused later.
  7. Take off vertical lines. Stripe it out just like in number two above.
  8. Paint these stripes with the darker gray. Let dry.
  9. Leave that tape on and PUT BACK the horizontal tape saved tape. Put it back where it was before. You can see where it was by the lighter color stripe.
  10. Paint all remaining open squares using black paint. They will be dark gray and you will paint them black now. Let dry completely.
  11. Peel off all your tape.
  12. If some of your paint comes off with your tape, leave as is for a distressed, chippy paint look. Or you can repair as needed.
  13. ENJOY!!


I wanted to let all my paint dry before I added the finishing touches to my projects.  Here are some photos of my finished projects. The first pictures below are the results of my striped plaque.

I used a Dollar Tree Plaque. This sign can be reversible.
I used the backside to do my striped sign.
Here is my finished product where I wanted to put it.
It is in my garage on top of my wrought iron wall art.
Here it is up closer.

Below is the Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin I made on that same video. I showed how to do the stripes first because that is also the first step to creating buffalo plaid. I hope you like this little cute pumpkin. I added a touch of red so it would match some of my outdoor decor.

Here is my finished Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin made from the backside of a Dollar Tree Jack-o-Lantern wood cutout. Please view the Facebook Live for more details.
Here is my buffalo plaid pumpkin in the company of other front entry decor.
I think Black and White decor is so adorable!!

Please do go back and view the Live video I made on Facebook. Please join me on all my social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I look forward to any of your comments.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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