Candy Corn Craft

Candy Corn Craft Giveaway, it’s over now, but here is how to make them.

The person who won received all the supplies needed to make these cute Candy Corn Fall Decorations. Wood blanks, paint (yellow, orange, white), ribbon, twine, small piece of sandpaper.  All you need is a paintbrush and scissors.  

I want to put the instructions on here how to paint them.  
It is better if you do one candy piece at a time so your paint can blend together.  Otherwise it dries too fast and you have to remix and blend colors.  I chose to paint all sides in case I were to set them out on an island.  It is your choice if you want to leave the backside unfinished.

The easiest way is to prime the whole wood piece with white paint.  This will help all the colors to be more vibrant.  

–Note—I made this mistake.  I put pencil marks around where the colors should go.  I could not get the paint to cover the pencil marks   So just estimate it or use chalk pencil to mark it.
Once the primer is dry, then begin on the bottom with the yellow.  That way you can hold the top and twirl it around.  Paint a strip about 2-2.5 inches from the bottom.
Next, I went ahead and painted my orange center portion and blended a portion of it into the yellow.

I did the same with the top portion of white.  I waited until my yellow portion was dry so I could hold it and twirl it from the bottom.  

You have to work around the candy piece to make sure all the stripes line up front, sides and back.

Good Luck….Hope this Helps! Kathy

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