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1.  Retired due to age, burnout, trigeminal neuralgia 

2.  Needed a focus in my life

3.  My Mom was diagnosed with CANCER……………..please read more below the picture…..

The above picture is my newest banner on Facebook

I needed a focus in my life.  I needed to concentrate on something other than feeling like I was growing too old to work or growing too ill to contribute. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia in 2014.  (I will do a separate post about this illness sometime soon, but it comes and goes and gets worse with time.)

I had been semi-retired since 2018 after a new emergence of my illness.  BUT……. after Thanksgiving of 2019 the dreaded “C” word came into my life.  

My Mom showed me a tumor she had growing in her throat.  It was to the point that she could not hide it.  

She wanted to wait until after the holidays before seeing a doctor.  She had moved to Louisiana and did not yet have a primary doctor here.  So I knew it was going to be a lengthy process to get her in quickly to see someone.  My sister was able to find a ENT that would take her without a referral.  Thank the Good Lord!

He immediately began running tests and low and behold it was CANCER.  Her tumor was growing so fast that it was pressing on her nerves in her head and causing her to have terribly, painful headaches.  Between her pain and her pain medicine, she was not herself.  She is one tough lady and it hurt me dreadfully to see her that way.

I had to have an outlet for my thoughts or my worry was going to destroy me.  Of course I turned to my faith and that a helped tremendously.  How do people do it with no Belief in Christ and no Faith?  

Like many people I was looking for direction in life. I had done many jobs in my lifetime.  I started out in Retail Grocery.  Long days, on your feet all day and never a weekend off.  I spent 18 years working for the same company and was promoted to a training manager the last 10 years or so.  I love training and teaching and helping people.

I then changed careers to become a Family & Consumer Sciences (formerly known as Home Economics) Teacher at a small Texas High School.  I then met Paul on a cruise and after a long distance relationship I plunged in and moved to Louisiana to be with him.  

I went to Real Estate School and became a Realtor while helping Paul with his trucking company.  We decided to plan for our future and flip houses and also buy and hold some as rental properties.  

So now, retirement has led me to open a boutique and work on crafts.  
I have a strong work ethic.  I am not one to sit around and watch TV and just do nothing.  I have to have a project to be working on.  I decided… if that was retirement I couldn’t do it.  
But I know that my illness can come upon me with no notice.  So I knew I had to do something that I could step away from if necessary.  Or train someone to take my place if need be. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about why I got started with an online presence.  I hope you will follow me on all my social media and of course check out my boutique website.


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